Spring Onions


Onions are so easy to grow that everyone should give it a try!This is a photo of the flower/bud of a spring onion, a member of the Allium family. The stalks and flowers can get rather tall and smell, well like an onion, but I still love the way they look.


Green Onion Bulb (by Portrait Artist - Enzie Shahmiri)

Every once in a while, after I have purchased some green onion stalks at the grocery store, I chop the green parts off and use them for cooking. I stick the white part, which has the roots straight into the ground, sit back and wait. After a while the onion starts to grow below the ground and provides me with a show of large round flowers.

You can harvest at any time and even collect the seeds after the flower has bloomed.

Here you can see the onion flower encased in a thin skin. 

This video shows how easy it is to grow your own onions. 


The best part of growing your own vegetables and fruits is that you always have fresh ingredients ready for when you are preparing a dish. 


Image by pieceoflace

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