Garden Stepping Stones DIY Project

Stepping Stone Mosaic Molds

Working in the garden means navigating through flower beds to dead head and plant. Without having a place to safely set foot without trampling over all your plants, these chores become a nightmare and that's why having stepping stones is a must. 

Via Hipp Mosaics

Via Hipp Mosaics

Every time I am at the garden center, I am bound to see stepping stones that I just fall in love with. Buying a special one, for an area that might be seen by many and splurging a bit is not so bad, however when you have a large garden the cost of these stepping stones can add up quiet a bit. That's when perhaps is best to find someone who can make the for you in bulk or time to roll up your sleeves and get busy making your own stepping stones. 


The materials to make your own stepping stones are very inexpensive, for molds you can use a cake pan and broken up pottery as seen in this tutorial by Intimate Weddings  or you can order re-usable molds as those sold through craft and art stores. 

Stepping Stone Mosaic Molds

Stepping Stone Mosaic Molds

Make your own garden stepping stones with unique designs. These reusable, high impact plastic molds have beveled edges and rounded corners to release stones from the molds with ease.

Mosaic Studio<nobr>Stained Glass Tiles</nobr>

Mosaic StudioStained Glass Tiles

This Mosaic Stone Cement is ideal for use with outdoor projects such as mosaic stepping stones, tables, benches, and more. The super strong, crack-resistant formula stands up to the harshest weather. With a high pigment load, it dries to a smooth, porcelain white finish. - Mosaic Stone Outdoor Cement

Material List & Directions

  • Step 1: Prepare Mold. Before mixing the concrete, make sure the mold is clean and clear of dirt.
  • Step 2: Mix Concrete. When mixing concrete, always wear proper safety equipment (rubber gloves and a particle mask)
  • Step 3: Place your design on the bottom of the mold. See below for ideas*.
  • Step 3: Fill Mold with concrete mixture as described my manufacturer. Follow the ratio of water to concrete to make sure that the concrete won't crack. 
  • Step 4: Cure + De-Mold.

* Ideas for Stepping Stones Embellishment

Found via

Found via

I personally love the idea of using natural elements such as leaves, pebbles or even sea shells. How wonderful are these oversized stepping stones?!

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