Angel Riding Snail
Sometimes I wonder when I will win the battle over the critters that attack my plants. If it's not the gopher or the grasshoppers, it's the snails eating irregular holes into the leaves of my favorite plants. Young plants and seedlings are in dire danger when snails are around and are gobbled up down to the ground in no time.
So here are some time honored traditions said to help with getting rid of snails that are environmentally safe: -Snails like to eat at night, so collecting them at night or the early morning hours before they can go and hide again is an option. - Place a shallow dish with beer on the ground. Snails seem to love beer! - Grease the rim of potted plants with Vaseline or Salt - Trap them in slightly propped up containers by providing some bait such as grapefruit or orange halves - Copper strips produce a shock to snails and slugs trying to cross them. Wrap inexpensive, thin copper, found in craft stores, around pots, plants, and trees to create a protective barrier. - Make it prickly for them - snails and slugs do not like crossing over pine needles, coffee grounds or crushed eggshells -Or deplore the heavens for some help!
Angel on Snail
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