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Flower Seed Annual DM Ferry Throw Pillow
Flower Seed Annual DM Ferry Throw Pillow
by LeAnnS123

This has been a crazy week for me. A couple days ago I found out someone had gained access to my Apple account and helped themselves to my store credit. Fortunately I found out in time and after spending hours changing passwords and emailing back and forth with Apple, I got my store credit back.

Since I have totally neglected my garden for three weeks, while busy with my 

Studio Makeover

 I noted another theft. A little mouse had helped itself to my garden seeds. Imagine how I jumped, when I pulled out my garden cart to search for some seeds to plant and was greeted by a very chubby mouse, who leaped right out while I was reaching in. So today I spend the day cleaning out my garden cart and putting seeds in new little jars that are critter proof. 


The jars I found at an art supply store a while back. Similar ones are


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