Prepara Seed Starter

Zucchini Seedlings

A while back I wrote about Hometown Seeds and told you all how I received a huge package filled with seeds from this company. Well spring and summer kept me busy with art stuff, but I finally got around to planting some seeds using my new Prepara Seed Starter


Basically all you do is fill the center container with water and the provided nutrients. Place a seed in the provided foam sleeves, which get inserted into the housing areas, put up the little domes, plug it in to a power outlet and wait. Water is sprayed onto the foam, which rotates in the container keeping the seeds moist enough to cause them to sprout. As the tiny roots develop they stay hydrated and receive nourishment from the continued spray of water and nutrients that are in the housing. Once the plants are about 2-3 inches in height, they can be transplanted into soil and slowly introduced into the garden.


Prepare rotates the housed seedlings and continuously sprays them with water. Before you know it the seeds start to sprout. I was amazed how soon my zucchini seeds started to germinate and grow. Did I mention, I just love it! :)

I think I might just have to break down and get the thin container as well for the herbs.



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Other products by Prepara

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