Floral Delight

Flower Heart Ceramic Heart Decoration
Flower Heart Ceramic Heart Decoration
by Brouhaha_Bazaar

Yesterday one of my clients came by to pick up her painting and we sat outside in the garden for some coffee and cake. Although in many areas Spring has not officially begun yet, we have had warm weather in southern California. Combined with some rain the flowers in my garden are all blooming and everything is decked out in beautiful colors. 


This is a rose bush I moved from the front of the house to the back and which is one of my most prolific bloomers. 


I can not remember the name of this plant, but after several years it keeps multiplying and blooms in March with this beautiful purple blue cluster of flowers. If you recognize the plant please leave me the name in the comment section.


Posting these photos is like a magnetic pull to my garden. I think I am going to go outside now and enjoy this floral delight while everything is still in bloom.