Copper Rain Chain Ship Bell Shaped Cups

#Sponsored by Marrgon's Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain

#Sponsored by Marrgon's Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain

My garden is my sanctuary and I spend every extra minute I have planting and decorating. My dream is to make the garden look like those British gardens that one just loves to get lost in. Thanks to the strong California sun, I am also constantly buying new decorative items since everything gets so bleached out. 

This time I was fortunate enough to be considered for a product review for the Marrgon's Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain. There are 8 copper-plated bell shaped cups that hang on a 6 foot long chain. At first the cups look a bit tinny, but the copper of the bells will turn color over time and get a patina making them look more like oxidized copper.  

If you like the soothing sound of water every time it rains the water fill travel down the chain and into the turned up bells, creating a little chime sound. The chain comes with a hanging hook that sits directly in the gutter hole. It's a great way to add a visual focal point instead of an ugly downspout. When rainwater pours down due to the surface tension a nice soothing sound is created.

Since it does not rain that much in California, I am planning to have a pump tube go up and pump water down the chain at all times. I am looking for a copper basin now as the receptacle for the water and to place the pump in, so I will have to update and share new pictures on the blog. 

As a passionate homeowner, this is a wonderful way to incorporate natural elements into your garden decor and I can't wait to have mine all set up to share with you. 

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Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain - School Bell Shaped Cups - 6-Foot-Long - 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee - Adjustable Length - Ready to Install $54.99 $99.99