V SILCOX DESIGNS - Beautiful One of a Kind Glass Ware

Tangy Spike - Caraffe and Set of 2 wine glasses with bonus Tea Light Candle Holder

This beautiful hand painted glassware is created by artist Vickie Silcox. I love her choice of colors and the organic feel of her designs. Just the right colors for a beautiful fall table setting.

Bella Raspberry Plum Irish Coffee Mugs - Set of 2
I believe it is important to support artisans, since they put their heart and soul into each piece they create. Unlike mass produced items, and especially imported stuff from China, you are helping American artists stay in business and become the proud owner of one of a kind hand crafted items.

Southwest Vessel - OOAK
Another great aspect in working with local artists, such as Vickie is that you can have items custom ordered to match the colors of your own decor. These designs are created with lead free paint and are top shelf dishwasher safe. Vickie guarantees that the paint used in her pieces is also heat and microwave safe.

"Glass painting explores a unique and profound paradox in art. By painting glass, I want the viewer to look at the shadow of the art as well as the art itself. Glass art is unique in that the shadow contains and expresses the composition and color of the art, a reflection, if you will, as well as a shadow. Trying to find where the shadow begins and where the reflection ends leads to the wonderfully infinite paradox that is glass art." ~ Vickie Silcox

To buy any of the items featured here or to see more of V Silcox Designs visit this artist's Etsy store.

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