Pom - Wonderful Versatile Promegrante Juice


I love pomegranates !

As soon as this wonder fruit hits the stores, I start buying them and eat one every day. Why you ask! Well pomegranate juice is a wonderful antioxidant and it promotes better blood flow to the heart. It has various other health benefits which you can read all about on the Pom Website

Recently, I was asked to sample Pom Juice and write a review about what I thought of it. Well, I LOVE IT!!! It taste wonderful and has just the right juice consistency not too thick and not too thin.

Since I had to get ready for a gallery show and was out of town, I had absolutely no time experimenting with Pom in a recipe, but have a peek at some recipes how others have used the juice for desserts and in meals.

I promise to follow up with my own recipe!

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