Pizza Cutter by TipnToss


Pizza has to be one of the most favorite dishes all around the world. Who can say no to pizza when the choices of toppings is endless from vegetarian, to seafood to meat lovers or simply cheese?! In our home my son can never have enough pepperonis, hubby loves vegetarian and I am the meat lover.  Since we eat a lot of pizza, I have also a nice collection of pizza cutters. Most are the wheel type and I have never tried a cutter made with just one super large blade that you rock from side to side until it cuts through the pizza dough.

Pizza Cutter and beyond(14"); Built to last a lifetime. Comes with natural wooden handle with stainless steel blade. see customer comments for more pictures. $14.95 $32.50

The large, curved, stainless steel blade is attached to a wooden handle making the size of this cutter  14” long, 4 ¾” tall, weighing less than a pound. The solid wood handle makes it easy to hold and move the blade from side to side as you press down, making cutting really easy. I like that the blade is very wide, which makes servin super easy as well. The Pizza cutter is easy to wash off as well, because unlike the pizza wheel cutters there is no place for toppings to get stuck in. I was very impressed by how clean and easy cuts were made and I highly would recommend this pizza cutter to my friends.

“I received this product in exchange for writing an unbiased review. ”
— Enzie