Old Cookbooks

French Cooking by Julia Child

One of my favorite things to do is to browse through 2nd hand stores, from the fancy antique stores to the used books stores and even thrift stores. I am a treasure hunter at heart and always love to discover the unfamiliar or long forgotten ~

Vintage Cook Books

On one such foray, I found this vintage Viennese cook book that has things in it that even my mom has never heard of. When Julia Child passed away, god bless her soul- , I could not find her books in any of the local book stores. I finally found one at my neighborhoods Thrift Store!

In case you have no access to store that sells second hand books or if you are looking for a rare book you might want to give Bonnie Slotnick Cook Books a try. She sells nothing but vintage cook books.

Photo Credits:
#1 and #2 Enzie Shahmiri
#3 and #4 Bonnie Slotnick

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