Lefali Watermelon Slicer


We love juicy watermelons and as soon as they become available at the store I can be found knocking on them to see which one sound like it might be ripe and promising juicy. Cutting a watermelon though has always been a messy job for me and I was interested to see how well the watermelon slicers work. So I asked to review the stainless steel Lefali Watermelon Slicer in exchange for my unbiased opinion. The slicer did not come with instructions so I ended up experimenting a bit. 

I made the video to show you the two different ways the #ProSlicer can be used. Once I got the hang of it I was surprised to see how well and even the pieces were cut. I had a small water melon and was able to cut one half by keeping all the juice inside the melon rather than on the cutting board. Totally loved that there was no mess! After placing the other half over a cutting board I was even able to quickly cut even slices with the rind on. After repeated use and washing the slicer in the dishwasher, it kept it's shape and condition. This tool can be used with other melons like musk melon, cantaloupe and honeydew as well and I even saw someone cutting cake with it. Overall I would say it's a gadget that works well and gives you evenly cut pieces without the usual mess of cutting a watermelon.


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