Japanese Replica Foods

Japanese foodImage by | Ray Chang | via Flickr

When I visited Japan I was amazed at the variety of replica foods that were displayed at many restaurants. So when I came across this video, it brought back some fond memories.

Once after a long stroll through a temple, we decided to grab something fast to eat at a local shopping center, before heading back to the city. My kids were still young then and headed for the closest American fast food chain with my husband, while I searched for more traditional cuisine.

I found it, quickly placed my order and waited. 15 minutes later I was still waiting and started to peek through a curtain into the kitchen area. There I saw my food carefully placed into a beautiful "to go" container. Another 5 minutes later I received this lovely wrapped box which much ceremony. As I hurried back to join my family, who by then had given me up for lost, I unwrapped my "not so fast food" . Before me was such a beautiful arrangement of goodies, so lovingly put together that I marveled more at the attention and care given.

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