How to Ice Cakes Using a Spatula

#Sponsored #Spatula

#Sponsored #Spatula


Have you ever wondered how to ice a cake? I am on a quest to improve my baking skills and have trolled the internet to learn how icing is done. The video below gives some great tips about the consistency of the icing and how to avoid pulling the cake apart as you apply the icing with a spatula. 

Preparing a perfectly smooth iced cake, while keeping crumbs out of the icing can seem like a tricky thing but over the years we've developed some methods to make it easier. For a complete list of instructions:

Pastry chefs have many tools, among them straight spatulas of various sizes to help smooth and  spread icing, frosting or ganache over cakes or smaller cup cakes. Here are some tips what to look for in a good spatula.


Having different size spatulas comes in very handy and theses spatulas by  1Easylife  come in three different sizes (4/6 and 8 inch blades). Larger blades are ideal for the top of the cake, since the icing has to be spread over a larger surface area. Mid-size spatulas are ideas for the sides and the small ones are great for applying icing to cupcakes. 


The most important feature of a spatula is that it has to be flexible. The FDA approved , angled steel blade gives nicely. This is important because the icing needs to be molded around a cake in a smooth finish. Spatulas that won't give, only make the job more difficult. When applying the icing take a generous heap and then spread and smooth continuously without lifting too much. Every time the spatula is lifted off the cake,  there is a chance that some of the cake comes off as well. 

The handle has to feel good in you hand. The fine grain wood handles here feel sturdy and are riveted to the blade . Each spatula has a hole at the end in case you like to hang them up with a hook in your kitchen. The tips are rounded

Never use your spatulas for any other purpose than what it is intended for. The chance that you bend the blade or ding the sides is too great and will make this handy tool useless. 

I recently received the Icing Spatula from 1Easylife at a discounted rate for review purposes and overall was very happy with the product. You can find it via Amazon.

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