Eco at Heart® Stainless Steel Reusable Straws



Reusable Straw Set by Eco at Heart - Pack of 5 Extra Wide Stainless Steel Smoothie & Milkshake Drinking Straws - Bonus Straight Cleaning Brush Included $9.90 Eco at Heart

I love to juice and drink smoothies but sometimes drinking them can be a real pain, especially if the straw is too small. With small straws little pieces of veggies or fruit often clog the straw up making it impossible to drink. So when I came across Eco at Heart Stainless Reusable Straws I signed up to review them in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Unlike regular plastic straws that bend the steel straws are solid and made of quality stainless steel. Since they are rigid I would not let a toddler use them, unless the child is seated and being supervised.  The straws are designed for cold beverages, in particular smoothies. However I think they would work great for ice cream shakes as well. I like that the set (5 straws) comes with t's own cleaning brush and that the straws are dishwasher safe. Always a big fan of eco friendly products, reusing means less waste in our landfills. The company even offers a complimentary smoothie recipe ebook, which I thought was a nice touch. Always fun to try out new recipes!




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