Easiest Way to Label AirScape Containers Using Chalkboard Labels

Since I have started to eat more healthy, my pantry has started to look like the den of a gerbil. It is filled with all sorts of nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds don't like moisture, nor heat or too much light. I also don't like to keep the store bought items in their bags and prefer to place them in airtight jars. So I bit the bullet and invested in AirScape canisters. 

I love my AirScape containers by Planetary Designs, because they truly work well in keeping air out and thus extending the shelf life of products.  I try to stock up on them whenever they go on sale and only have one problem with them.

Planetary Design Airscape 64oz Chrome $25.95 Planetary Design

The canister is made from restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel with an enamel paint finish. What I like about these canisters is that the lid has a valve that forces the air out as you make contact with the items in the jar. It also locks the lid in place and there is a handle that allows you to easily pull the lid back up again. I have jars that are several years old and have held up quiet nicely. The jars are durable and stain resistant and come in two sizes  32 fluid oz. capacity 64 fluid oz. . 


The only drawback is that it is impossible to tell what is in the canisters! You definitely need to attach some sort of label, but I wanted a label that I could easily change as the contents in the containers changed. Opportunity presented itself when I was asked if I would review these Chalkboard Labels that come with a chalk marker. My goodness where have these labels been?! I love them! The labels are self-adhesive and easily peel off the paper they come in. You have to really shake the marker, but then the chalk flows easily for labeling your containers. 

I love being able to organize and label anything with these stylish looking labels. They look great on mason jars, canning jars and spice jars. The labels can also be used on cleaners, folders, bottles, office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. The best part is that theses self-adhesive labels are reusable and waterproof. It's easy to tag the labels and then just wipe it off with a damp cloth. The labels are non-toxic and the marker is made with water based resin liquid chalk. 

52 Chalkboard Labels with White Liquid Chalk Marker for Jars from HD Chalks, Reusable Unique Stickers STRONG DURABLE Self-Adhesive - Large and Small Sizes - Marker Pen with Fine Tip for Writing and Drawing(2mm) -Enjoy the Best Solution to ORGANIZE Kitchen Garage Cupboard Office Supplies in a Stylish Way Now! $8.99 HD Chalks

HD Chalks offers my blog readers a 30% discount (get labels for $6.20) using code 5W3FCQA6 (until June 10th, 2015).

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While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.