Brussel Sprouts Goodness

Brussel Sprouts Goodness

I like Brussel Sprouts because don't laugh - I think they look super cute ~ sort of ~ reminiscent of small green roses ~ well and because when prepared right they can taste just wonderful.

Kitchen Bounty

Brussel Sprouts
1 TBSP Sugar
2 cups Julian Carrots (I buy mine from the freezer section at the super market), regular carrots can be used as well but slice into 1.4 in rounds
3 slices of bacon cut into small pieces ( I prefer apple smoked available at Trader Joe's)
1 Shallot minced
1 med size yam, peeled and cut into very thin rounds
1 TBSP butter
salt and pepper to taste


1. The first thing to do when you buy the sprouts is to snip off the ends and peel away any shabby looking outer leaves. Then place them in a sieve and give the a good rinse under cool water

2. There are two ways to prepare the sprouts either through cooking in boiling water or through steaming. I place mine in a pot of cold water and add 1 TBSP sugar to take away the slight bitter taste of the Brussel Sprout. Cook for 15-18 minutes.

3. Add the carrots to the same boiling water after 10 minutes and let cook as well.

4. In a separate pan add the bacon,, shallots and yam. (add oil if needed to prevent ingredients from sticking0 and let cook until yams are tender.

5. When Brussel Sprouts are cooked drain the water away.
6. Place pot back on stove add 1 TBSP butter and reduce heat to very low.
7. As soon as the yams are cooked empty all contents over the Brussel Sprouts and mix gently, season to taste (optional) and serve.

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