Bamboo Cutting Board by Island Bamboo

Bamboo Island Cutting Board with Colander

It's been a while that I have decided it's time to throw out the old, overused wooden cutting board and replace it with something that suits my needs better. So I started looking and of course buying ~ how else is a gal going to figure out if that's the 'one' ?!

Anyhow, the first replacement turned out to be a plastic, over the sink board, that had a little catcher for scraps. The idea was a great one but I don't cook for little gnomes, so the scraps catcher was pretty much useless.

Next in line where the plastic sheets, you know the ones where you use one for veggies, one for fish and one for meat. Before you knew it I was cross contaminating, because in all the usual rush to get things prepared, I kept reaching and using the wrong plastic sheet. These boards are great for less frantic cooks and just didn't work for me!

Then last week, I found it! Mon cherie, a bamboo board by Island Bamboo that has a large working surface and get this ~ a colander that expands from flat to humongous proportions! This over the sink board, allows me to rinse and prep my food in one easy step. The colander can be used to wash veggies or hold the scraps, easily rinses out and is even dishwasher safe. The solid 1" thick 12" x 23" board sits very sturdy over the sink so I can chop all my frustrations out without it slipping and sliding. A hot water soapy rinse and that one is clean and good to go as well. I am loving it!

My only gripe would be, when do they come up with a design like this that also stores your chef's knife?! Hint, hint...

Another thing that I really like is that I am now using an Earth Friendly product and that I just supported a company that's located about 15 minutes away from my home! Sweet!

What kind of cutting board do you use and why do you like it?

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