1836 - February 7 born in Reus, died in 1913 - Tangier Spanish painter. Fortuny began his formative art lessons through the guidance of local artist Domènec Soberano.

He completed his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona under his professor, the portrait artist Vicente Rodes (1791-1858) and teacher Claudio Lorenzale (1815-1889)
1866 - Barcelona won honorable mention for 'The Arrival of the two Poets to the ninth pit' inspired by the Divine Comedy
1866 - won 3rd place medal at National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Barcelona
1875 - painted 'The Garden of the Golden Apples
1875 - painted El gaitero Arabic
1871 - traveled to Tangiers accompanied by his friend the painter Mariano Fortuny, and started to paint scenes of Morocco
1874 - permanently settled in Tangier
1893 - Chicago won medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1893 in Chicago
1907 - stayed in Spain
1908 - stayed in Spain

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