A Tangerian Beauty

A Tangerian Beauty

Artist: José Tapiró i Baró (1836-1913)
Title: A Tangerian Beauty
Medium: Watercolor/Aquarelle
Size: 26 x 18 1/2 in.
Spanish Orientalist

This image was provided by my Spanish artist friend Alejandro Cabeza

Tapiró Baró painted a number of Orientalist images, the result of time spent in Tangier, the Moroccan city just across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar, where he eventually died. In this vivid watercolor, the silken gleam of the headscarf, the glint of gold, the glow of pearls, and the careful study of a particular physiognomy contribute to the remarkable immediacy of the image. The frame is original to this work, and apart from several decorative motifs, contains the number 1309, which probably refers to the Muslim calendar of the Hegira, which started counting in 622 AD and commemorates the prophet Muhammed's departure from Mecca. If converted to the Gregorian calendar, the year would be about 1891 AD.
Source: Dahesh Museum

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