Interrogation by Bessonov Nocilay 1988

The question is did really witches exist? The best answer is witches did exist, but they were mostly innocent common women suspected or accused of being witches. Wizards are still believed to exist among Eskimos, in Californian and Amazonian tribes, in Siberia, Peru, India, New Guinea, Africa and Australia. Wizards are believed to bring good or evil through a particular kind of magic called “sympathetic a”. Primitive man believed he was a doctor able to heal through magic spells. Elsewhere he is a soothsayer able to dominate the occult forces and cause supernatural phenomena in nature, or a shaman (follower of Shamanism, a religious cult existing in Siberia and East Asia) a sort of priest guiding religious ceremonies and dances. Other wizards are believed to communicate with spirits or are similar to India’s fakirs.

But I am more interested in seeing how the subject of witches was recorded in paintings. Here is what I found....

Assembly of Witches by Francken
If you like to read more about this subject go to

Shamanic Druidess goddess by Anthony Frederick Sandys

Salem Witch Court by Thompkins H. Matteson

Sorry, I couldn't resist....

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