Winter Trees


"Winter Trees"

12 x 24 inches ~ oil on canvas


As the ice queen breathes across the plains the vapor of her breath has settled over the landscape obscuring everything that has crossed her path in a soft haze. The chill of winter is upon us and in this painting, titled "Winter Trees"  I aimed for a soft tonality to convey the stillness of a snow covered landscape. The trees are handled almost as if they are a line drawing and modeling is kept to a minimum. The frost has settled between the branches in lieu of the missing leaves. By keeping only a few trees towards one end of the picture plane, the feeling of solitude is emphasized.  I avoided looking at real trees for reference, because I wanted to create an almost dream like setting and have each tree slightly differs to avoid monotony.

Last week two more paintings of the Winter Wonderland series have sold and I will need to paint yet again more winter scenes before starting on the new portrait series. I had no idea paintings of winter themes are so popular in southern California! :)

Working on another special request

I received a special request for a more contemporary looking snow landscape and have been working on this oil painting. This is a quick Iphone upload to give you a peek at what's on the easel right now.

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