Two Furry Friends - Dog Portrait

Painting Detail

Painting Detail

Another painting has been finished and is on its way to the client. Once the initial paint later has dried I like to go back in and really build up the texture. The other day I saw on the news a artist who was using some sort of cement compound to create three dimensional art. It looked incredible and I wish I could figure out how to make my these portraits jump out like that. But then again. maybe that's overkill. Anyhow, I have more more commissions I need to work on, so I will leave you with some more photos. 

Before and After 

Before and After 

Another close-up

Another close-up

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Dog Portrait - Pet Portraits Dog Portrait - Pet Portraits Material: Size: Quantity: Add To Cart Work in Progress 3

Work in Progress 3

Last work in progress shot for today. Still a lot needs to be done, but I need to give it a rest and finish off some of the other paintings. 


Another update - I worked on the eyes and noses and added more color. Everything is still flat, but slowly the painting is developing. 

Work in Progress 1

Work in Progress 1

Just started a new portrait - will post more throughout the day :) Just put int the rough color block so my client can see how the colors work together. 

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