Tiffany Grizaille Continued


Here is the progress thus far. I had the background too dark and had to lighten it up considerably. I have come to find out that if you want to adhere to all the rules of painting, it is a constant parade of questions one must ask. If this is value x then how much lighter/darker should the next value be. If these values exist in the background, then where should the lightest and darkest values be for the middle ground and foreground, and so it goes... Although a bit tedious and mechanical it is pretty cool when things start to take shape though. The temptation to jump to color is great, but there are still things that need to be worked out. I do love the smoke of the nargil though!

Note to Self:

-fix mouthpiece on pipe - it's lying there unnaturally

-cast shadow on pelt under bed

-fix curtain - too dark on right

-try to finish grizaille this weekend!