The Travelling Artist

Natures Picture

(C) Enzie Shahmiri

Today I like to share my Art A Fair experience with you. Many a morning I head out to the show grounds and park my car at the ACT V parking lot in Laguna Beach to catch the shuttle along with many other exhibitors who are either heading to the same location or to the Saw Dust Festival.

I love being surrounded by Laguna's canyons especially when the fog has moved in and left everything under a refreshing blanket of mist. At the trolley stop there are these lovely contemporary statues preparing visitors for what is to come once they reach the exhibition grounds.

Sculptures at ACT V

(C) Enzie Shahmiri

Getting to know the other exhibitors along the way is fun too as we exchange our experiences and laugh at the funny stuff that happens at large scale venues.

Off to Work we go

(C) Enzie Shahmiri

All in all it makes me feel very fortunate to be able to have such a lovely way to get to work!