The Novelist Jewelry Keepsake Box for Writers

The Novelist Jewelry Keepsake Box for Writers

Black Keepsake Box

I have added a new jewelry/ keepsake box to the store. The image on the tile is of a painting I did of a woman who wears a skirt made of typewriter keys and is holding a quill.

Jewelry Box in Black

Size: Small 5.125" Square w/4.25" Tile

Hold your valuables in this beautiful keepsake box. Made of lacquered wood, the jewelry box comes in golden oak, ebony black, and red mahogany. Soft felt protects your jewelry and other collectibles. Dimensions: Box: 5.5"l x 5.5"w x 2.3"h Tile: 4.25"l x 4.25"w Weight: 14.125 oz. Ceramic tile on the lid.

Blak keepsake box for writers

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