The Little Chickadee Bird

Little Chickadee 350Res

"Little Chickadee"

Oil on wooden panel ~ 5 x 7.25 inches

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A couple of days ago I finished the little Chickadee painting and added it to my

Etsy store. I ended up changing the background to a darker color, because I wanted the little bird to stand out better. I hope you like the new design.

Here are some magnified close-up shots ~

Head Detail

Little Chickadee Head Detail

Texture of feathers

Little Chickadee Texture Detail

Flower Detail

Little Chickadee Flower Detail

I have refilled my bird feeders and every day when I move the easel outside, I am greeted by a flurry of activity. With the arrival of Spring the birds are looking for supplies to built their nests in order to lay their eggs. So while I continue to work on my little Chickadee I listen to the birds songs and enjoy nature to its fullest. Here is another update of the "The Little Chickadee Bird" in progress.

Little Bird Work in Progress
Little Bird in Progress 1

It's time to relax a bit after all the detail work involved in the "Court Dancer" and I thought why not paint something with a nice Spring theme. Since the weather has been pleasant in southern California, I took a few paints and my brush and found a sunny spot in the garden to work. More updates will follow soon ~

Little Bird in PRogress 2

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