The Gypsy Fortune Teller


"The Gypsy Fortune Teller" Oil on Canvas ~ 24 x 30 inches

Yesterday, I finished the painting of the Gypsy Fortune Teller. This painting will be heading to the Artists Alley in San Francisco. Exploring the meaning of the Tarot cards to tell a story within the picture plane was a nice added challenge, which I enjoyed tremendously. If you like to order click below.


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Gypsy Fortune Teller Painting in Progress

April 14 Update:

With Siegi's Portrait finished, it is back to more work on the Gypsy.

Since last time I have finished putting in all the detail work of the scarf. Because of the insane amount of detail involved, working with a 12/0 brush (mini) this took forever. Once the paint is dry I will add form to the scarf by applying thin washes .

I am dragging my feet on the cards, because I don't seem to have reached that "aha" moment how to solve the multitude of problems these cards are creating for me.

March 21 Update:

I have been working on the background. I need to anchor the scene to the setting and make sure that the table stops floating. It's been ages that I have tackled landscape painting and I am actually enjoying it.

March 11 Update:

After giving this much thought, I have decided to place my Gypsy in an outdoor setting and have started to block in the background. The hills are criss crossing, creating tension, leading the eye to the figure's head. I spend a lot of time with miniature brushes and magnifying glass putting in the detail of the head scarf. The cards have been moved around and I think to keep sane, the cards will end up on rough, wooden plank table. Since the table would be uneven, it would make sense for the cards to be at all angles, thus making the perspective issue more manageable for me.

Update: Progress is slow - somehow I am stuck and still working things out in my mind ... Good news is that a friend of a friend happens to be a Tarot reader and confirmed my choices for the images on the cards. I will go into further detail, once all the images are drawn out.

I have been diligently working away at this new project and have encountered nothing but hurdles along the way. Gypsy curse perhaps?! LOL

The details in the clothing have almost been entirely transferred and I am pretty happy with the overall feel of how the model sits on the canvas. The aim is to have the girl gaze directly at the viewer - meaning you! - of course.

The angle of the cards should be such as if the viewer is seated right across the gypsy thus able to see the images askew. I must not have paid enough attention during perspective lectures, I am playing the guessing game as to size and layout of the cards, thus there are no images on them yet.

To make things even more interesting - I am in a dire need of someone who can actually read tarot cards. I want to select the right cards to have a story within the story.

Then there is her left hand who has me up at nights tossing and turning wondering what is off and how to fix it. OF course the background is still blank, I sort of have an idea, but nay... it's not 100%.

Now you know why it's taking me so long - ISSUES my dear - ISSUES....

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