The Forgotten Path


When I visited a local farm in San Juan Capistrano, I took a lot of photos and chose one as my reference for "The Forgotten Path".  The hollyhock was surrounded by foliage and it was quiet challenging to make sense of all those leaves. I went for a very painterly effect and hope that you like how it has turned out. The painting can be ordered as canvas prints with or without hand-embellishment. 


 I came across this lovely poem on Family Friend Poems that pretty much sums up how I feel about nature ~

“Take a moment to notice
The beauty of the trees.
Sit and take a look
At the dancing leaves.
Note the little child
Laughing, playing with a toy.
Always so full of energy;
Humongous amounts of joy.
Don’t crush the insects,
Who are 1/1000ths of your weight.
They may creep up your path,
But don’t decide their fate.
Life’s not about avoiding storms.
Instead, dance in the rain.
The Earth is so beautiful;
Why must we cause it pain?
Take time off your busy schedule
To glance at the starry night.
Because nature is genius.
So pretty, such a sight!

— Miranda A.

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