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The Emperor's Cloth - Playing with Canon EOS 5 Mark II

The Emperors Cloth

After a very long time combining, birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts I received a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Every time I say the name, it sounds like there's some count down going on- camera ready for take off - photographer still standing in dust-wondering?!

Gold Thread

Well in order to be not so bum boozled I have been playing around with settings and came up with these shots, directing the focus on different things. Now if I were to be asked which one I would want to paint, I would be yet at another loss...

Notice how the emphasize changes on each object as the camera focus differently. It is very useful to experiment with your camera to get used to setting up different compositions and learning how to focus on your main subject.

I feel like I am driving a Ferrari after riding on a mule for years! :)

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