The Colorful Elephant

This is my latest painting titled the "Colorful Elephant" which was a commissioned piece painted in oils on a canvas measuring 40x60inches . My client, who also owns another painting by me titled "Irises", loves contemporary oversized paintings in oil.  She decorates homes and has a wonderful understanding of color, which makes it fun for me to try to make her visions come into reality. 

We knew that the painting needed to be very large, that it should be an elephant and that it should have texture and certain colors that need to match a new rug. With that information in hand I created my first draft and presented it for approval. The actual painting consist of a lot of thick colors  dabs that were placed side by side to built up the head. I felt the animal had to come out of it's background to really create that "wow" effect and achieved it by using a high contrasting darker background. Since the original has sold, only canvas prints are available, however they can be ordered with additional paint embellishment. Other fund products with this design are also available - see below.