The Business of Art

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by averystudios

A couple of days ago I met with Mrs. Gloria Gales, who has been a long time art dealer, owned galleries across the United States and who is trained in art appraisals. You might remember when I first introduced her as the owner of the

Ladera Ranch gallery here in Orange County.

Over the years Mrs. Gales has represented many very well known artists and has now created

The Business of Art

where she offers artists her professional insights (for a fee) on how to better market themselves to a broader audience.

In her words:

"The Business of Art, is a service where artists, dealers, and collectors come together to partake in the glorious world of visual expression."

In this economic climate where many galleries refuse to take on new artist due to sluggish sales, it is the perfect time for an artist to learn how to build a stronger portfolio and be better prepared to deal with gallery owners and clientele.

She has also started

The Business of Art Blog where she writes about other interesting art related topics.

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DREAM BIG QUOTE modern typography bright colors Poster
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