The Berber Woman by Enzie Shahmiri


"The Berber Woman"

Oil on Canvas - 20 x 24 inches

Original Painting for Sale - contact me

Prints Available Here

I am excited to have finished the "Berber Woman" painting and like the way she has turned out. I kept debating about the background as far as how dark it should be and decided to keep it as is for now.  Extreme ornamentation seems to be such an integral part of Moroccan culture that I figured it is befitting. 

The color palette is mainly kept in warm tones and if you could see the original would think it is glowing. I placed this lady outside and I figured if the warm desert sun is shining on her the sparkles of the jewelry should be bouncing the light all over the place. 

Berber Woman Head Detail

Sorry about the glare, but the California sun is just about as bright and the painting is still somewhat wet. I wanted to show you some details of what she is wearing on her head. Apparently under the blue scarf is a thin, transparent black scarf and at first I could not figure out what those black lines in my reference photo were. Then it hit me and I thought - uuuhh - haven't painted translucent fabric in ages, this could be fun! Ribbons, tassels, shells, coins and strange but interesting looking jewelry pieces are attached and it kept me wondering how much all this stuff must weigh. 

Berber Woman Jewelry

Keeping in mind that she also is wearing a closed kaftan like outfit, beads of sweat kept running down my face just thinking how hot she must get. Those of you who know my painting style know that I love to add every minute detail. Well, here is a surprise, this time around I decided to only hint at whats on the coins. I played with lighting and color and decided that was more than enough for the overall look.

So as this journey to the East comes to an end I am stepping back into the West. I recently was asked if I will be selling Santa Claus paintings again this year and it's time to shift gear and think of the guy in the red suit!

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