Small Scale Pet Portraits For Gift Giving

small pet portraits

The holidays are quickly approaching and so is the scramble to find the perfect gift for loved ones. What do you give someone that is uniquely special, yet does not break the bank?! Well why not give a 4x4 in custom painted pet portrait. These small portraits are ideal for gift giving because they are so affordable - just click below for the different rates and sizes that these can be ordered in. We all have friends and family members who post pictures of their pets via social media. If you send me a screen shot I can of such a photo, better yet and actual photo - I can paint a portrait just like the one shown here. It started with a photo that had a figure in the picture, which I cropped out. Then I repainted the animals missing body and voila - a portrait was created. 

from photo to painting

There is not much time left - so send in your photos as soon as possible.



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