Skating Dreams


"Skating Dreams"

5x5 inches ~ oil on panel


Prints and Cards available


I received some title suggestions for this painting via my Facebook page and decided to go with

@Margaret Williams "Skating Dreams" suggestion. Thank you Margaret and thanks to all the the other people who have submitted suggestions through the social networking circle.

At one point I realized that the skates looked too yellow and needed to be lightened considerably.  I also added a bit of snow, which I felt was needed to emphasize the feeling of winter. I think everything looks crisp and clean now and therefore can call this painting finished.


Work continues and here is another updated image of the painting in progress. I have given the shoes much more definition and spend a great time on the laces. Since I managed to pick upa lot of the snow (white paint) in the foreground with my hand as I was working on the laces, I figured I will rework that part when I am completely done with the skates. This painting measures on 6 x 6 inches and I am working with a dentist tool to get the paint to go where I needed it to be. 

Will need to read up on how to paint an icy lake, since I have never painted one before.  I remember from my ice skating days that ice shavings are sometimes left on the surface, so those should be there. A bit of reflection from trees in the distance is there to offset the warmer tones of the skates and laces and to add some more visual interest. The background still needs some work though, it's missing something that is eluding me at this time. 


The painting of the "3 D Santa" is almost complete, the winter scene with trees is giving me problems and painting number three featuring these old skates by a lake have been today's work in progress. Making the ordinary into something extra ordinary is the challenge. Part of the November "Winter themed" exhibit at the Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach it is currently crunch time at my studio.

I sure could use some title ideas for the skates - any ideas?!

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