Shih Tzu Portrait - Dog by a Window 514

Shih Tzu Portrait - Dog by a Window 514

Shih Tzu by window painting

There are times when I start with a photo reference and end up surprised how well a very ordinary space turns out in the finished painting. The little lap dog loves to gaze out a window and although it is a side view, highlights were added to to face to make the dog look more lively. 

shih tzu oil painting

By creating a painterly background the window and the dog come to the forefront and keep our attention there. This is a small painting, but the attention to detail is still visible.

shih tzu painting on easel

Pet portraits can easily painted from existing photos, even if there are things in the background that you don't like. As you can see below, I have taken out the figure's legs and remaining background of the room to make the painting look nice. 



Shih Tzu by WindowReference Photo

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