schnauzer portrait

Schnauzer Portrait Progression

The Schnauzer portrait is finished and ready to be shown for the final approval. This 5x7 in oil portrait presented its own challenges due to the small size and the darkness of the reference photo. In order to get the head out of a mass of black I had to add a lot of details with lighter shades to make it pop. 

Here is a video of the painting process ...


This is how the painting started out ~

schnauzer portrait tip

To start out, the figure in reference photo had to be removed. Then the missing areas had to be filled, in this case the green blanket.

reference photo

I lightened the reference photo and did a quick sketch to get the figure in place. In these images the dog is already taking shape, however the painting still looks rather flat. As more paint gets applied and texture was added the dog will became both darker and got much more details.

schnauzer portrait  paint brushes

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