Sand Castle Knights Painting in Progress 8

Sand Castle Knights Painting in Progress8

More work was done on the sky, the ocean and the sand. I had to break up some of the monotony of the items in and around the castle mound for added interest. I think the values are working well, because the kids stand out nicely from their background. I don't like where the sand is meeting the water as of yet, so that will be tackled next. Plus a gazillion other things that need to get much better...

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Notes to self:

1. weight of sand filled bucket requires slight downward tilt of arm

2. red on buckets need value correction

3. fix feet and rt hand boy #3

4. double check shadows

5. work on area where water meets sand

6. remeasure everyone

7. remember sand that has been moved is much darker than untouched areas

8. fix pant length boy#2 and #3


Below is the finished painting - click for more information

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