Painting the eyes of a Russel Terrier

Russel Terrier Portrait

painting dog eyes

This portrait of a Russel Terrier is a rush order since it is a gift for someone very special. I have been busy resurrecting the eyes that have been lost in the reference photo and have finally made them look very expressive. You can see that one of the pupils is not at all visible, which is a shame. Anyone who looks at the fae of a dog knows that the eyes are the most admirable feature of a dog. 

After working on the fur it was time to concentrate on the grass. Not one of the things I favor painting, but let's face it dogs and grass, grass and dogs - it's a given. I did figure out a way to make the task easier and I hope that the result speaks for itself. 

painting grass

I am further along than these photos show, but a tad behind in posting. Nowit's time to go back and to continue painting the flowers in the cat portrait.
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