Purples Munsell Color Charts


All about mixing the color Purple

- How do you make a light purple? Add a little Flake White or Zinc White, it will knock the chroma down a bit.

If you need a light, high-chroma purple start with the highest-chroma purple you can find (such as dioxazine violet), so the final result remains relatively chromatic.

-How do you make a dark purple? - add a dark transparent color that's close in value (Prussian Blue, or dark Pyrol Ruby or Aliz. Crimson) . All you have to do is adjust the chroma (if needed).

2.5Purple Munsell.png Purple 5P.png Purple 5P Munsell.png Munsell 7.5 Purple.png Munsell 10P Purple.png

10P Purple


PB Purple-Blue

Munsell-2.5PB-purple-blue.png Munsell-5pb-purple-blue.png Munsell-5pb-purple-blue.png munsell-7.5pb-purple-blue.png munsell-10pb-purple-blue.png

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