Puppy Portraits

Puppy Portraits


Meet Riley , a vey cute puppy that sadly has passed on. I send his portrait to his owner yesterday and just wanted to show you the painting. My client wanted to show him playing in the grass fetching a piece of wood.  The original reference photo was very bleached out so I added a lot of soft tones to make the puppy pop off the canvas. 

Here is Riley on the easel. I have switched from my palette back to Grey Matters Disposable palette.


I can't keep up with the palette and brush cleaning and this throw away palette work easier. I cut the 16x20in sheets in half and attached a wooden tray to hold paints and palette close to the easel. I am attaching links, in case you are interested.


Back to Riley ~ The portrait was finished and mailed to San Mateo, CA yesterday and I hope that his owner will be happy with the way it has turned out. If you like to order a similar portrait click below for pricing.


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