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Best of Artists and Artisans

Best Of Artists & Artisans is the on-line branch of Kennedy Publishing. A firm that believes in promoting artist through print and now through an exciting project the Best of Artists and Artisans US Visual Art Guide

As a columnist for BOAA, I have had the opportunity to interact closely with the company's founder Mr. Kennedy and have been very impressed by his very generous nature. Kennedy publishing gives artists a platform where they can not only share information, but exhibit their work in the most professional manner. With the introduction of

BOAA US Visual Art Guide

artist who join the site for a nominal annual fee have a new exciting space to showcase their work and gain the attention of art dealers and collectors.

Several of my artist friends and I are already part of this visually enhanced, dynamic online resource. Until October 1st, 08 BOAA is offering a Pre-Launch Special Price to everyone, and a wonderful deal to my artist friends (email me directly to find out what it is). To learn more visit


Thank You Best of Artists and Artisans for joining in the"

Aid Darfur Project

Please join this cause by posting this picture on your blog!


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