Posthumous Memorial Portrait


A posthumous painted portrait of a loved one can give great comfort to you or a friend who is grieving their loss. Painted portraits bring the person to life in a way that a photograph can not. 

Creating memorial portraits requires a great deal of sensitivity and skill.  Often only a limited amount of reference material is available, yet it is extremely important  to  capture every nuance of the person's expression by which they are remembered by.


 I painted this portrait of a young man who passed away in his twenties for his mom. She mentioned that she wanted to remember her son's lovely smile.  I am a mom as well and I can only try to imagine how deep this loss must be.  Capturing the true likeness from a photograph is only one part of the portrait process. The other is making sure that the portrait has enough dimension that it is as lifelike as possible. 

I hope that I was able to do her son's memory justice and will be packing this painting up to send it to it's new home. 

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