Portrait of Doodle Named Jack


Meet Jack a gentle looking DoodleThe name (which alters "poodle" to "doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle) was coined in 1992. Additional names by which this crossbreed is known include Curly Retriever, Goldenoodle, and Groodle (source Wikipedia).

Orders keep coming in and I am working long hours again to catch up. Have to run - will post more soon. 


I love it when the personality of a dog emerges. :) Here you can see the insane curls on this dog's coat. I really punched up the color of the tongue and brought in more highlights in the eyes and nose. I tried something new - see those intense chromatic dabs on the whiskers? Since that area usually is wet with slobber I think it adds a nice natural touch. More later, I need to work on curls again ...

Head Detail showing texture

Head Detail showing texture

After the first layers of paint have dried it is time to get in there and build up texture. Some paintings like this one render themselves very well for really showing off texture. I use special mediums to mix into the paint so that the fur almost gets sculpted. Below is the finished painting. If you like to learn more about ordering your very own portrait click here