Equine Painting in Progress

Portrait of a Horse in Progress

Horse Portrait in Progress

I love working on Horse portraits and perhaps it stems from the fact that I used to ride a lot as a teen. When I am at the stables, I love to spend time with the horses and enjoy their company.

at the stables

This year, I have decided to show you who the person behind all the paintings is and to put a face to the many blog posts that I share with you all.

If you are new my website and blog posts, this is how I show the progression of all my paintings. Regardless in what medium I paint, I love to start with a tinted grey background where I can control the muteness of colors, as a create the different planes of the painting. This is a rather dark horse and I am using deep blues, purples, and magentas to build the form. Without them the horse would look flat, black on black just doesn't work, when it comes to tricking the eye into seeing form on a flat surface. Well, I have lots of paintings to finish and will be posting some of the paintings I finished during the holidays. It was so crazy I just never got around to posting every painting I did. 

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