Peggy Baumgaertner Workshop


I have been going through my old workshop notes and have decided to periodically upload some of my workshop and demo photos and notes.




Peggy Baumgaertner

demo and workshop. Peggy not only was one of the judges during the Southern California-American Society of Portrait Artists portrait show in 2003, but accepted my invitation to hold a one week portrait workshop. I missed a lot during the workshop thanks to a nasty kidney stone attack, but still learned a great deal from Peggy.


Peggy demonstrated her sight size technique.

The finished Painting

After only a couple of hours she got this far during the demo.

In 2003 my supplies for this workshop consisted of:

An Impressionistic color palette with all Slow drying paints:

WN Cadmium Yellow Transp. - WN Cad Orange - Cad Scarlet - Cad Red Med. - Rembrandt Transparent Red Lt- Rose - Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Purple - Old Holland Yellow Green - Permanent Green - Sap Green

Old Holland Kings Blue Lt (or light Blue Violet)-Cerulean Blue - Cobalt Blue - Ultramarine Blue

Rembrandt Stilldegrun Brown - Ivory Black

Stilldeg Yellow (Rembrandt)- REmbrandt Stilldegrun Yellow (Opaque) - Yellow Ochre - Gold Ochre

Old Holland English Red Lt - Old Holland Caput Morton Violet - Titanium White


Oil Painting Medium #2 by Grumbacher (it's a slow Drying medium)

Clove Oil - to keep the palette fresh

Poppyseed Oil - for oiling out the palette


#2 and 4 Hog Filberts, #4 Sabel Filbert and Hog Bristle Fan


Fredericks Oil Primed Linen Canvas

Other Stuff:

Lee Boyant Palette with counter weight

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