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Yesterday I received a package from Debbie at

Debbie Overton Designs

, who is a mixed media artist and may I say, very talented person. To my delight, I found a gift of collage postcards she had made as well as a lovely Moleskin Sketchbook. Debbie said she has a similar sketchbook, which she keeps with her at all times for doodles and how to techniques while she is on the go. When I saw her card "Free to Fly" a little idea popped into my mind and I decided to give this sketchbook wings to fly ~~~~


This little sketchbook will be send all over the world with the request that the recipient use one or two pages to create or write art related. It can be a doodle, a drawing, collage, artsy quote, a technique write up,etc..

Every time the book is mailed back to me (ca. 2.94 US postage), I will scan the image and it will become part of an ongoing slide show that will feature everyone's contribution. If the project is successful and the sketchbook not lost, I might have it published as a book.

While the book is traveling through the world, participants will have their names and blog or website links added under 'Project Participants' and your contribution along with a write up will be featured on my blog. Feel free to invite your friends to join in this project.

To participate leave me a comment under this post. If you are not a blogger but like to be part of this, leave a comment and sign in as Anonymous. Then send your Email address to, so I have your contact info and let me know which website, blog or etsy link I should add for the 'Participants' link. I will be going down the list and will notify each participant when their turn is up to receive the book.


Click to see Slide Show

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