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The painting of the "Pansies" is finished and I am happy with the overall result.For the final touch the contrast was adjusted and the highlights keyed up. This 9 x 12inch oil on museum board painting will be in a white frame before being exhibited  at the Artist Eye Gallery  in September 2011.



Work continues on the still life painting. I have built up layer upon layer to give solidity to the piece. I have also made use of the blue toned under-painting to create atmosphere in the background and in the flowers and pot.

Now I am looking to "punch up" the painting before I can call it finished.

I started work on a new painting of a little floral arrangements of pansies. Pansies symbolize good thoughts and are simply put a wonderful little flower that brings a smile to any gardener's face.  Did you know that in Shakespear's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" pansies were used to make a love potion? Well, I think just the sheer beauty and multitude of colors make anyone fall in love with them. They are just so dainty looking ~


Pansy study fine art floral square pillow
Pansy study fine art floral square pillow by Mylittleeden
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I started by applying a dabbed on layer of French Ultramarine to a 9x12 inch Ampersand Museum Panel. Then I sketched out my flowers and the pot and proceeded with laying in the base colors.

This time around I am working with glazes and want the underlying colors to peek through here and there. With round one completed I will let the painting dry a bit before applying the next layer. This gives me time to really study the color variations on the petals of this lovely flower.

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