Cow Painting in Progress

Painting of Farm Animals 668

Cow Painting in Progress

The painting of the Farm animals continues. After a quick color block in I started to give form to the 1st and largest animal in the painting, which is the cow. Below is the reference photo that I am using. The face is pretty flat and I will need to give it much more definition to make it look nice.

cow photo

I love this photo of this little cow. Such a cutie! It also reminds me of my teenage years, when my parents bought a house by the Caspian Sea. Behind the house was a large pasture filled with wildflowers and framed by trees. Every afternoon a shepherd boy would come with a small herd of cows and sit on a rock, while the cows grazed in the field. Sometimes he would play on his flute and the minute I would hear him I would run to the pasture to say hello and pet the cows. There was something so magical about this for a teenager from the city. So magical that I never forgot those afternoons petting cows and just listing to his flute playing.

I have a lot more work to do in this painting and work on several other orders. The Christmas rush has officially started :)

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