New Cat Portrait

New Cat Portrait

Black cat portrait

Update: I just finished one of my latest cat portrait commissions. It’s time to check in with my client to see if further tweaks are needed for the perfect likeness. It’s always difficult to stop tweaking :)
This is a 5x7in oil portrait of a black cat for a client who has ordered from me before. Since this painting is meant as a gift the reference photos were rather limited to just this one. 

black cat on table

The first objective was to get the cat off the table and find a suitable outdoor backdrop.

After a quick online search I figured this color palette might work well for the painting. 

New Cat Portrait in Progress

I started the painting with a rough black and white sketch and will be moving on to color shortly. This is done, so I can work out the overall layout of the elements on the canvas and determine the light and shadows.
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